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    Guinness and good music the perfect combination

    A bit of live music is always good craic – and good for the soul, too. Lively and festive, The Corner Pub is the perfect place to gather with friends, family, or meet new people. Featuring live music by local bands seven nights a week. We welcome you to join in, sit back and enjoy our very talented musicians who are resolutely dedicated to making your visit to The Corner a memorable one.


    Do not get shy, let's be ridiculous together

    We start at 9.30 pm,  and we go on and on until you realize you have no place in the show business. We are masters of illusion and we like it! We can combine in the same space two of the nation's greatest evils: we join people who think they can sing and people who should not sing ever. But, when you love doing something, who cares? Do not worry if you have not sang yet, our karaoke only ends when no one else wants to do it. 


    Share your emotions with us

    Here at The Corner we like to bring you right up to date with the latest live sports events. With our screens, you’ll have exclusive access to all televised Premier League matches and the top European action from UEFA Champions League, Europa League and more, so there’ll be no need to watch sport anywhere else! So if you’re looking for unmissable action, more fixtures and exclusive live matches all from the comfort of your local pub, grab your mates, a pint of your favourite beer and watch the sport that really matters to you.


    Trust Us - Let's Craic

    We can throw one hell of a party!  We love a good party and we know a thing or two about throwing them. Whether you’re entertaining friends, family or colleagues, whatever the occasion we’ll make sure you hit the perfect note.  We provide the perfect venue for you to celebrate and  we promise a craicing atmosphere!  If you want we can host your next event. Please use our form to book a table.


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